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Search Ads

Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads. Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

We know it and at Quint Digital, we capitalize on it Google Search Ads, big time!

Allow us to make you acquainted with what Google ads are, how Google ads work, and why you should hire Quint Digital as your go-to pay per click agency to run your Google Ads!

Google Shopping

With the rise of search engines, using Google as a platform for advertisement and shopping has increased hundredfold. This means, much like all other search engine results, your e-commerce requires optimisation.

Our team at Quint Digital is here to help!

google shopping
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Google Remarketing

Google, with its many features and impressive daily traffic, becomes the perfect platform for all your sale needs. Promoting your brand, attracting consumers and everything else related to marketing and selling your products is possible on Google due to its giant user base. If you are thinking about expanding onto Google as a platform for marketing, collaborating with an agency proficient in remarketing on Google ensures your success.

Quint Digital is the agency you need to partner with!

With our management and facilitate, your remarketing campaign is a guaranteed success and your sales will definitely increase.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a vast, expansive network of websites, which display Google ads. Understanding how GDN works is imperative to optimising your use of Display ads. GDN helps you build your brand and maximise profits by bringing in more potential customers. Google Display ads play a huge role in enlarging customer base which means expanding into this sphere and optimising use of the GDN is paramount to success.

Learning the ins and outs of the GDN can seem daunting. Having experts on board with you is always a good idea. And we have the best of the best! Our team understands the GDN like no other and we are here to explain why you should partner with us to optimise your Google Display Advertising.

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Bing Ads Services Melbourne

It is true that with the existence of search engines that seem to have a much bigger and wider reach, smaller platforms like Bing might not seem worth it. However, disregarding any platform is a mistake. Platforms are your available resources and should be treated as such. The more platforms you display your ads on, the more customers you are likely to draw in. And considering that Bing receives the second largest portion of the Internet’s traffic after Google, that’s a huge market to miss.

Get Your PPC Campaign Done Right With Quint Digital

As a top-class PPC agency in Melbourne, Quint Digital understands and appreciates the various intricacies and mammoth impact of PPC in marketing. 

Our expertise in these areas is unparalleled and our holistic PPC management services are focused towards featuring your ads right at the top of the SERP. We are the premier digital marketing agency in Australia and function actively from Melbourne. However, the impact of our services transcend towards a global scale and we do our bit in strengthening Australia’s already glorious digital marketing agency presence on the map.

Our goal is to help you manage your PPC campaigns in the most effective manner. We utilize all advertising platforms of Google and Bing to help you generate leads on your website. Our vast experience in PPC management services Melbourne has made us appreciate the value of the partnership we cultivate with our clients. Accordingly, our PPC management strategies are equipped to give guaranteed profits and results and ensure that our clients are left with a smile.

Every online marketing agency adopts its own unique approach to PPC management. As the top pay per click agency Melbourne, Quint Digital has its own approach to PPC that had made us a largely successful place to partner with over the years

  • You are in charge of your PPC campaign: The PPC marketing campaign that you have fabricated is yours all the way. It’s your brainchild. We serve as a catalyst to accelerate the proceedings of your PPC campaign, but we do ensure at all times that you never feel distant from your own thing.
  • Our PPC management services are always on track: We work tirelessly on your PPC advertising campaign on a regular basis. There is absolute clarity on how the advertisement is performing and what all upgrades are inculcated into the ad in order to fetch more lewd conversions.
  • We are driven towards producing an increasing curve: When we take up a PPC advert, our goal is not just to help you in managing stuff. We consider our work as worthwhile only when you note a significant improvement in the performance in your advertisement on paper. We utilise the opportunity given to us by increasing the lead conversions and ROI in a very noticeable and obvious way.
  • Our PPC management team is always reachable: We understand how much your PPC campaign means to you. It is natural for you to harbour doubts or queries regarding the same at any given point of time. As such, our team is always ready to attend to you. We put you on priority and make it a point to respond to you in the absolutely lowest amount of time. Our PPC service expertise is truly unparalleled.
  • We prioritise your needs: Our team completely understands the fact that what really matters with regards to your business goals are the leads and revenue. As such, we extensively work towards maximising the profit derived from these areas. We care for your business priorities and make them our own.
  • We use technical language that everyone can understand: PPC is an entire discipline in its own right and naturally, it has a technical language of its own. While most technical terms are easily understandable and much needed in our reports, we do understand that overdoing the jargon might make it more of a textbook manual than a report! Accordingly, we limit the usage of such terms to the essential minimum and focus on making things simple, lucid and easy to understand.
  • You get a team you can rely on: Our PPC service management team is composed of experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the field of PPC management who are passionate and dedicated to your PPC campaign. We make your dreams our own and strive towards making your partnership with us a successful and productive one that you can truly cherish!

We are always eager to work with our clients. Let’s team up and make your online advertisements ‘click’ and ‘lead’ you to outstanding success!

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Our Mission at Quint Digital

Our priority is to deliver services that make your business experience satisfying. We are committed to providing the best services at an affordable rate.

Generating More Traffic

By putting organic and paid sources to work, we give an uplift to lead generation.

With a rise in traffic the ratio of lead conversion increases and the investment made pays for itself.

Lead Nurturing

Follow up after providing the best of your services to a consumer is a powerful and necessary step

We provide solutions that check for feedback and keep the loyal consumer updated about what new is happening in your business offerings!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get website for your business that directs potential consumer to place that are relevant to them.

With a user friendly user interface, have them hooked and convert them into loyal consumers!

Retargeting the audience

It is common for a potential buyer to research one thing 10 times, in different ways to figure out the best buy for their hard earned money.

By presenting them with services that they desire of, we convert scrollers into loyal consumers!